Link building strategies

MozPro defines link building as the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to one’s site. Hyperlinks or links are necessary to navigate between pages on the internet. And when search engines are used to search the web, experts call it “crawling the web,” since to do effective searches, SEO practitioners need to crawl the links between individual pages on the website and the pages between entire sites.

Search engines use links to discover new web pages and to determine the rank performance of a web page. Content extraction of a site’s web pages is done by crawling the pages and adding the content to the indexes. Therefore “crawlers” need to search for high-quality websites to enable the interested party to rank well.

A website’s page quality is determined by the PageRank (invented by one of Google founders Larry Page) on the basis of the total links pointing to the page, as a measure of a “vote of confidence” of a page. The presence of links in a web page, therefore, is a way of telling searchers that the page is useful.

The problem is when the use of links was abused by search engine optimizers, and the PageRank manipulated. Google, as a result, penalized the ranking of websites that abused the use of the PageRank.

Specific actionable online marketing strategies come from one of the experts in link building, The first strategy is to build high-probability link channels with custom search engines to enable past links to come back to the site. Creating a database of links can make the site compelling since these are mostly the old connections that might be interested in new content, once the content appears on the website.

Next is to find broken links and replicate the content. Then communicate with the website linking to the fractured resource and request that the broken link be changed to a working link.

Attract quality backlinks to your website using create-free industry-related tools. A simple tool is to use the Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer. Another is the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool. As a result, about 5,000 additional backlinks can be retrieved from 1,270 referring domains. Three essential steps include: targeting resource/links pages, targeting “how to” guide websites, and running “shotgun skyscraper” outreach for the tool.

Blog posts can be boosted by converting homepage links into deep content links. Drawing people to read blog posts is different from attracting them to the homepage. First, find out who is linking to the website. Then, paste the homepage to the Ahrefs Site Explorer, after which go to the “backlinks” tab and see the list of all backlinks pointing to your homepage. By adding a “dofollow” filter, the conversion from links to deep links would be a lot easier.

Another strategy is to reclaim links from stolen images. These images include photos, diagrams, infographics, and screenshots. Even if you’re a target for image theft, you can leverage image theft to build quality links quickly. To do this, collect all high-quality images from your website, then find the sites using these images without permission. If the websites are not giving you an image owner credit for the pictures, reclaim the links.

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