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Google Ads Certifications: How to Get Certified in Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most profitable digital marketing channels. Businesses across industries are able to consistently earn double (or more) the amount they spend on their ad campaigns.

To help advertisers understand the platform and create

How to Add Facebook Pixel to WordPress (2022 Update)

To utilize Facebook’s powerful advertising capabilities, you need to install Facebook’s pixel code on your Website.

In simple terms, the pixel is the bridge between your website and Facebook. Without installing the Pixel, you won’t be able to

What is Retargeting and How it Works

The vast majority of people that visit a website leave without buying anything.

People typically need multiple encounters before becoming a customer. The marketing rule of seven states that it takes an average of seven interactions with a

10 Best YouTube Courses (Free & Paid)

One of the best and fastest ways to learn how YouTube works and why not become a YouTube expert is to follow a good YouTube course.

There are hundreds of online resources to use to become a successful

What Does an SEO Manager Do? (Complete Guide)

SEO is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing. It allows companies to get in front of a large audience of people that are interested in what they sell.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy to capitalize

How to Become a Google Ads Specialist (Complete Guide for Beginners)

Google Ads is the predominant way businesses advertise to their online audiences.

Many businesses don’t have the knowledge to run Google ads effectively and so turn to Google Ads specialists to optimize their campaigns.

These specialists know the ins

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