Grammarly Review: The Ultimate Grammar Checker For SEO

Digital Marketing is an integral part of a modern business’ PR and marketing makeup. In fact, if you’re not doing digital marketing for your business, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to reach and build relationships with a broader set of audience. Digital Marketing is no longer optional – it is essential.

And once you get into it, one of the most pivotal strategies is what we call, Search Engine Optimization. As you know, Google is the biggest search engine in the world, processing billions of user searches every day. Businesses, small or big, are beginning to recognize the power of this platform. Ranking highly in Google and other search engines can do wonders for a website’s traffic.

SEO includes a wide array of strategies such as link building, keyword research, and content creation. But one thing that stays constant in these SEO strategies is the need for high quality, especially so when it comes to any content marketing you do. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and plagiarism can seriously harm your site’s SEO health.

Thankfully, there are software and applications that can prevent this from happening. In this article, we’ll give a review of one of the best grammar checking software out there, Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a software that automatically detects potential errors in grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation and style mistakes in writing. As a user types, Grammarly checks the text for both standard and advanced grammar issues. These can include anything from subject-verb agreement, article use, modifier placement, and different kinds of spelling mistakes. Grammarly can also provide a writer with suggestions to improve flow and readability, like synonym suggestions and better sentence construction.

Grammarly is basically an app that assists a writer to create more reader-friendly and error-free content. And in SEO, this is extremely important. Google and other search engines demand nothing less than the most relevant and useful content for their search results. If your content marketing efforts error-ridden – from email outreach, on-page content, descriptions, guest blogging, to anything content-related -Google will likely mark it as spam and can do some severe damage to your SEO score.

Where can you use Grammarly?

Aside from the downloaded Grammarly application and their online platform, Grammarly can be used as an extension on other browsers and platforms. This gives you the convenience of combining Grammarly’s powerful algorithm straight to your favorite apps.

Free Browser Extension:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Grammarly on other platforms:

  • Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook)
  • Grammarly Native App for MacOS
  • The Grammarly Keyboard for iOS and Android
  • Grammarly Handbook
  • Grammarly Facebook Community and Twitter official account for fun grammar tips and discussions.
  • Grammarly Blog for regular tips, commentary, and insights on grammar and writing.

How do you use Grammarly for your SEO content?

  1. Grammarly Editor – Simply copy and paste your text into Grammarly’s Editor for grammar checking. You can also install free browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Once you put your content for assessment in Grammarly, it will flag any potential issues in the text and suggest corrections for grammar, spelling and word usage, punctuations, style. Grammarly can also check your content for any plagiarism. Furthermore, Grammarly can explain the reasoning for each suggested correction to let you make informed decisions on how to correct a specific issue.
  2. Grammarly for Microsoft Office on Windows – Install Grammarly as an extension to your Microsoft office, and it will automatically detect errors when you are typing in the app.
  3. Grammarly Keyboard for iOS or Android – This is the mobile version of Grammarly, made to ensure that you remain error-free, even on mobile.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is. Grammarly continues to dominate the grammar checking technology with more than 2 million regular users. It is perhaps the most easy-to-use and comprehensive grammar checking tool that can help elevate your content marketing in significant ways.

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