10 Best YouTube Courses (Free & Paid)

One of the best and fastest ways to learn how YouTube works and why not become a YouTube expert is to follow a good YouTube course.

There are hundreds of online resources to use to become a successful YouTuber. The problem is that If you try to read all blogs or watch any video you find online, you’ll end up losing your time.

We did the hard work and research to find out which are the best YouTube marketing courses worth following, and this is exactly what you’ll learn in this post.

As you’ll see below most courses are free and the time investment is only a couple of hours, so you literally have nothing to lose.

In addition to that, some courses come with a YouTube certification that can be a great addition to your cv.

Why enroll in a YouTube Course?

If you plan on using YouTube as a source of income, then it is in your best interest to take a YouTube video marketing course.

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