What Google’s GDPR Compliance Efforts Mean for Your Data: Two Urgent Actions

It should be quite obvious for anyone that knows me that I’m not a lawyer, and therefore that what follows is not legal advice. For anyone who doesn’t know me: I’m not a lawyer, I’m certainly not

What Marketers Need to Know About GDPR Compliance

Do you know about GDPR compliance? Are you ready for it?

Those are two very important questions that you should be able to answer if you’re doing any digital marketing to a European audience. That’s because

5 Social Media Marketing Practices That Are Dominating 2018

Digital content marketing is reaching maturity. Companies have a pressing need to ensure that their content marketing strategies and campaigns keep up with the times.

More importantly, it is necessary to remember that great content is great content.

How to Completely Optimize Your Facebook Page by @tallchickvic

Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by businesses.

Facebook Pages help your brand or business promote and share its value-add and to assist in customer support.

Facebook remains the primary platform for most Americans. Two-thirds of

5 Best Examples of Killer Mobile Landing Pages by @bsmarketer

Mobile traffic has outshined desktop traffic since 2016.

Google has begun their rollout of the mobile-first index.

With more traffic and dedication to mobile experiences than ever before, it’s never been as important to have a killer mobile landing

Every Digital Assistant You Need to Know & Understand by @nancy_elle

Digital assistants are more popular than ever before. Almost half of Americans now use them – a testament to the technology’s growing value and place as a viable channel for commerce and customer engagement.

But what exactly is