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10 Communication Hacks to Deal with Negative Customers on Social Media

According to research studies, 90% of businesses expect that they’ll need to use social media for customer service by the year 2020. Around 67% of customers are now using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to get

3 Examples of High Performing Facebook Ads That Drive Leads and Sales

Social media advertising is now a core skill that businesses need to master. It sits next to email marketing and content marketing as a core competency that the marketing team needs to have in their toolkit.

The top

How To Retain Your Instagram Followers (Without Gaming the System)

As much as we may wish our Instagram follower growth showed an upward trend, it’s probably more like a rocky mountain landscape with peaks and valleys.

Fluctuations in your follower count are totally normal and often a result

6 Reasons Why Snapchat Is Content Marketing’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

<img class="aligncenter size-medium_large wp-image-65129" src="" alt="6 Reasons Why Snapchat Is Content Marketing’s Not-So-Secret Weapon" width="768" height="512" srcset=" 768w,’s-Not-So-Secret-Weapon-450x300.jpg 450w,’s-Not-So-Secret-Weapon-375x250.jpg 375w,’s-Not-So-Secret-Weapon.

5 Social Media Marketing Practices That Are Dominating 2018

Digital content marketing is reaching maturity. Companies have a pressing need to ensure that their content marketing strategies and campaigns keep up with the times.

More importantly, it is necessary to remember that great content is great content.

Why You Should Consider Twitter Moments In Your Next Social Media Strategy

Snapchat has ‘Snapchat Stories’. Instagram has ‘Instagram Stories’. And Twitter has…. well, ‘Twitter Moments’.

Trying to regain their authority in the social media space, Twitter placed all their hopes in ‘Twitter Moments’ when it was first launched in