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Automated Intent Classification Using Deep Learning (Part 2) via @hamletbatista

My original plan was to cover this topic: “How to Build a Bot to Automate your Mindless Tasks using Python and BigQuery”. I made some slight course changes, but hopefully, the original intention remains the same!

The inspiration

Programming for SEOs – Whiteboard Friday

Maybe it’s crossed your mind once or twice before: You know, this would be a lot easier if I just knew how to program. But it’s an intimidating subject, especially if you’re not sure of your technical expertise,

How to Show Up In Google Maps: A Google My Business Optimization Checklist

When it comes to getting new inquiries and sales for your local business, local SEO is found to be extremely effective.

In fact, a recent article from Search Engine Watch shows that “there was a 20.1% increase in

Should You Use Enhanced CPC in Your Google Ads Campaigns?

How exactly does enhanced CPC work?

By the end of this post, you’ll know all the details … and whether it’s a good way to bid on Google Ads for your business.


Serpstat Review: How Does This SEO Tool Stand Up?

Digital marketing teams are stuck together by the glue of their growing number of tools.

From social media management to influencer marketing, SEO, and beyond, there is a tool for everything.

But if you’re anything like me, every now

Can Image Schema Markup Create Rich Results with Pictures?

Images in the search results is a game-changer for SEO.

They attract attention (and clicks), and with the introduction of schema markup and rich results, they’re increasingly becoming a way to set your business apart and