9 Things We Learned About Content Marketing Best Practice By Analyzing 6,000 Blogs

When we’re young, we’re told the same thing over and over: “Don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing, you just focus on you.”

That’s good life advice, but it’s not really very good marketing advice.

When you want your marketing campaigns to be competitive, you absolutely need to know where you stand compared to everyone else in your industry. Are you meeting content marketing best practice? Is your content matching up in value? Do you know what your audience is looking for?

It can be difficult to track down content marketing trends that are both accurate and that actually work for large percentages of business. At SEMrush we went ahead and took on that task ourselves, running a case study that focused on how our industry is writing about digital marketing. We analyzed more than 6,000 texts, and we’re ready to share the findings with you.

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