4 Unexpected Tips for a Killer eCommerce Keyword Strategy

If the majority of your customers arrive at your website via organic search, then the search engine optimization (SEO) of your eCommerce business is essential to its success.

There are tons of resources available online that make grandiose promises about creating a perfect keyword library that will practically guarantee you a top-ranking on search engines.

However, many of these resources are gravely misleading. As a general rule of thumb, if any person, product, or service makes promises or guarantees of high rankings in the way of SEO, steer clear. Google is famously secretive about their processes that determine the search engine result page rankings.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of proven theories out there. Experts have conducted all kinds of experiments and have made some data-backed conclusions regarding the mysterious RankBrain algorithms. Most notably, Moz compiled their research findings and determined which factors play into rankings.

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