3 Examples of High Performing Facebook Ads That Drive Leads and Sales

Social media advertising is now a core skill that businesses need to master. It sits next to email marketing and content marketing as a core competency that the marketing team needs to have in their toolkit.

The top social media channel that most digital marketers have as their “go to network” is Facebook.

But Facebook ads come in all shapes and sizes. Boost posts, create awareness, capture leads, drive traffic, grow your likes and many more. It is complicated and often confusing.

That means you can waste a lot of money fast.

So how are other organisations spending their dollars on social media advertising?

The data

According to some research by eMarketer more than 66% of B2B businesses devote dollars to social media advertising. The top 2 by a significant margin are Facebook and LinkedIn. Followed by Twitter and YouTube. Google+, Pinterest and Slideshare pick up the crumbs.

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